• What information is used by Bei?
    • Your image – used to help waiters identify you when they deliver orders.
    • Demographics [sex and age] – used to deliver custom content.
    • Your Name
  • How does a Bei Band work?

    A Bei Bands sends out an ID message every few seconds. If you are in a designated Service Area that message is captured and used to determine the location of the Bei Band.

  • Does a Bei Band use GPS to track customers?

    No it does not. A Bei Band uses a radio signal to send out an ID (known as active RFID). The Bei Band does not track a guest. When a guest is in a designated Service Area the ID from the Bei Band is recorded. Only when you place an order can this recorded location be used by resort staff to deliver that order. However, members of your own party can locate you anytime you are in a designated Service Area.

  • What is a Service Area?

    A Service Area is a location at a resort that has been set up to receive signals from Bei Bands.

  • Can I be tracked everywhere on the resort through my Bei Band?

    No. Your location is only recorded when you are in designated Service Areas.

  • Is my personal information secure?

    Yes. Your Bei Band contains no information other than an ID. The Bei application records only your name, image and demographic (age and sex). The ID in your Bei Band and your data cannot be tied together outside of the Bei application. All data in the Bei application is kept secure by SSL encryption and accessible only via two-step authentication processes.

  • When I am in a designated Service Area, who can access my location?
    • Anyone who is in your party.
    • When you make an order for food or drink service you grant the waiter authorization to access your location until your order has been delivered.
  • Do I have to wear my Bei Band at all times?

    No, however, your Bei Band allows other members of your party to find you (assuming you are in a Service Area) and allows waiters to find you so that your food / drink order can be served. Without your Bei Band, these services are not possible.