Here is a quick glimpse of friendly processes to manage Check-In / Check-out, Create and Publish Restaurant Menus, Manage Food and Drinks Orders, Create and Publish Events, Manage Housekeeping Tickets, Create and Publish Advertisements.

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Check-In / Check-Out

Bei comes with an easy to use UI to manage a customer check-in. Simply take a family picture at the reception, Bei will split these into individual member pictures of the party with our face recognition software. Resorts may choose to give away the family picture as a souvenir printed at the gift store or any other place where you would like to drive more traffic to increase the store sales.

Manage Food and Drinks Orders

Using Bei’s easy to use interface, restaurant staff can design, build and publish multiple menus complete with images, pricing, nutritional information and descriptions.

  • Resorts can quickly build and publish new menus based on seasons or events to increase traffic flows.
  • Easy ordering mean more orders yielding to more revenues.
  • Bei Band integration allows service staff to easily locate a guest and deliver the order.

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Manage Events and Activities

  • Publish events and activities to guest’s mobile devices . Send push notifications to smart devices (This is not an SMS message just think of an advertisement).
  • Notify about cancelled events or any changes to the events or activities
  • Allow guests to RSVP an event or activity for a given time slice. This will effectively eliminate the long lines and waiting times.
  • Managers can set up and configure guest count, manage traffic patterns on a real time basis.
  • Eliminates double booking.

Real Time Reporting and Analytics

Bei presents management: with real-time Information about Guest traffic flows, real-time information about housekeeping service jobs, and information about impressions and clicks of advertisements and pushed announcements. This is an extremely important tool for the resort management to effectively manage resources and put their money where it can have the greatest impact.

  • View real-time and historical guest traffic patterns.
  • Review staff responses to guest housekeeping requests.
  • Review guest housekeeping requests to identify opportunities for process improvement.
  • Monitor impressions and clicks to understand what wording and graphics work best for advertisements and pushed announcements.

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Targeted Ads

Looking for more revenue streams? Bei provides a robust "ad platform" targeted to your specific audience based on choices that can be configurable.

Create paid advertisements for surrounding attractions businesses targeted to resort guests.

Ability to customize advertisements, such as targeting to guests by gender and age. Examples include wine tasting (age 21 and up), senior luncheon (ages 55 and up), Lady’s night at a local club (ladies 21 and up), jewelry, flowers shops and many more.

This opens up new, previously unavailable streams of revenue to your resort.

Manage Housekeeping Tickets

Bei comes with an out-of-the-box Housekeeping module to manage / fulfill guests' housekeeping requests. This module can also be used be management and other staff to create work-tickets to be completed by resort staff. Data captured by the Housekeeping module can then be used by Management to monitor staff proficiancy, adherence to procedure and effectiveness of procedures.

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